Goodnight Electric – Teenage Love And Broken Heart

Goodnight Electric

“Teenage Love And Broken Heart”

Single – 2010

After releasing the single “Interval (2009 Version)” in the form of 7″ Vinyl and ” Fine” in digital form at the end of 2009, now Goodnight Electric is back releasing a new single titled “Teenage Love and Broken Heart.” The single became a preview of the latest album Goodnight Electric which was expected almost three years following the launch of its second album “Electroduce Yourself” in 2007 by fans.

Single produced by Henry Foundation and Fisma will be released by Goodnight Electric and HFMF Records in digital form, and can be downloaded for free.

“We want all Goodnight Electric lovers can download a free single, being the reason is to pay up the promised statement of our new and upcoming album, that are not complete until now,” explained Bondi Goodboy regarding the distribution of digital single.

The influence of “Teenage Love and Broken Heart”is still containing heavy elements of an energetic electronic pop ala Goodnight Electric, but this time they tried to simplify the sounds and incorporate a guitar riffs as an additional instrument. The single is expected to make a new color in music or visual format Goodnight Electric’s future later.

“Change is good, so there is always new, we do not want to be stuck in one style or a particular type. In the future we would like to try a more casual ride in our music and visuals, such as removing the uniformity of us, or if you need to rock a guitar on stage then we will look for the possibilities ” comments oomleo on the diverse sound.

“The track themes will also have some changes, we no longer talk about UFO’s, robots, computers and other absurities. We’re going to try to see and enter into the culture and problems that are happening in and around such a young child in the story in the song “Teenage Love …” Henry Foundation is trying to explain with a little seriousness.

The single ‘Teenage Love and Broken Heart ” is released early July and can be downloaded for free at accompanied by HFMF Records with two bonus tracks and remixes from Fisikamatematika and Brown Bear, single sleeve covers and music videos which will be directed by Bondi Goodboy, made by Molo.

Thanks for downloading!!

Jakarta, 2010, HFMF Records


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